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The Kinnear Centre for Creativity & Innovation

Kinnear Centre

Intellectual Heart of The Banff Centre
The Kinnear Centre for Creativity & Innovation will be the physical and intellectual heart of The Banff Centre — a place for Canada’s most exceptional leaders, innovators, and creators to exchange ideas and create new work and solutions.

It will serve approximately 25,000 annual users from all sectors who attend world-class programs offered at The Banff Centre. Programs here have a resounding impact on the careers of our most promising leaders and artists, providing them with opportunities to develop their skills and experiences in the unparalleled multi-disciplinary environment of The Banff Centre.

Multidisciplinary Environment
With an exceptional multidisciplinary environment that provides opportunities to collaborate across disciplines, The Banff Centre is uniquely positioned to attract leaders who will spearhead positive change in their fields in communities around the world.

"The Banff Centre holds a special place in my heart. It helps bring out people’s full potential and causes us to find new solutions to the challenges we face. And in typical Canadian fashion, it has quietly become an international centre and destination because of the natural beauty it surrounds itself with, and the quality of its arts, cultural, and leadership programs."
— James S. Kinnear

"James Kinnear’s personal donation is the largest individual gift ever received by The Banff Centre. This legacy gift will enable the Centre to continue to support Canada’s most exceptional artists, creators, and leaders. Through the construction of the Kinnear Centre, we will continue to advance our vision for the future: supporting creative connections, interdisciplinary learning, and inspired leadership."
Mary E. Hofstetter
Banff Centre president and CEO

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